Displacement,velocity and time

Vectors and Scalars


A brick moves 5 meters in 2 seconds.

Calculating average velocity or speed

If Jun was able to travel 5km north in 1 hour in his car, what was his velocity?

Average velocity

Average speed or rate $$r=\frac{5km}{1 hour}$$ $$\quad=\frac{5km}{1 hour}*\frac{1000}{1}*\frac{m}{km}$$ $$\quad=5000*\frac{m}{hour}$$ $$\quad=5000*\frac{m}{hour}*\frac{1}{3600}*\frac{hour}{seconds}$$ $$\quad=1.39\frac{m}{s}$$


Solving for time

Jun is running at a constant velocity of 3m/s to the east.

How long will it take him to travel 720 meters?

r: rate or speed, d: distance, t: time $$r=\frac{d}{t} \rightarrow t=\frac{d}{r}$$ $$t=\frac{720m}{3m/s}=240seconds$$


$$\vec{v}:velocity \quad \vec{s}:displacement \quad t:time$$ $$\vec{v}=\frac{\vec{s}}{t} \rightarrow t=\frac{\vec{s}}{\vec{v}}$$ $$t=\frac{720m \quad east}{3m/s}=240seconds \quad east$$

displacement from time and velocity

If Jun travels for 1 minute at 5 m/s to the south,

how much will he be displaced?

$$\vec{v}:velocity=5 m/s$$ $$\vec{s}:displacement$$ $$t:time=1minute$$ $$\vec{v}=\frac{\vec{s}}{t} \rightarrow \vec{s}= \vec{v}*t$$ $$\vec{s}= \vec{v}*t = 5\frac{m}{s}*1minute =5\frac{m}{s}*1minute*\frac{60}{1}*\frac{s}{minute} =300m \quad to \quad the \quad south$$